Forbes Magazine Recognizes Pumpspotting for Disrupting Business-As-Usual

Amy Van Haren, CEO and Founder of Pumspotting talks about how important it is to be able to be able to travel and pump as a working mom.

With short maternity leaves and mommas heading back to work, it’s a full-time job to juggle pumping, working and your home life.

Discover more on this unique solution that Amy has discovered.

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Interesting. Issue 004. Sept 2019. Revolution and Rotting Money

This issue is a hats off to two freedom fighters and one odd bird.

Gesell believed money should lose value the longer it sits in the bank. His idea makes my brain explode a bit trying to consider the implications. Try it for a second.

Lyubov Sobol is around my age, and also a mother, and her bravery gives me goosebumps. I’ve linked to two articles about her that take slightly different angles. Sobol is worth seeing from more than one.

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Interesting. Issue 003. Aug 2019. It didn't happen like I thought it did.

This week brings histories I thought I knew — revised.

- All dinosaurs on the planet died in a matter of hours. All of them.
- Republicans were the first to argue and pass legislation to limit individuals’ right to bear arms in the US. 

Those would be spoilers except… when you sink into the details of both stories, it gets more interesting. A lot more interesting.

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Interesting. Issue 002. August 2019. The birds are watching.

I’m not a collector of things generally, but I dutifully hoard my back issues of NatGeo, just like my Grandpa Grimm before me. I pulled the article on bird brains from one of them. After you read it, you won’t look at the birds in your life the same way again.

Also linked is a podcast to listen to when you have 30 minutes in the car, and a very long article about a 17-year-old who I think is very interesting.

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Fayr Welcomes Gwyneth Paltrow as Lead Advisor

The Fayr co-parenting app celebrated an impressive win this week appearing on the reality television show Planet of the Apps. Produced by Apple Music, the show pairs app developers with four business-savvy celebrity judges — Gwyneth Paltrow, Will.I.Am, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Jessica Alba — who ultimately have the opportunity to partner with the app developers who pitch them. 

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