Trust, Transparency,
True Partnership

Over the past decade and over a hundred apps, our highly-experienced team has worked in nearly every industry, with clients who range from major state health systems and international best-selling authors to Silicon Valley startups and European medical device companies.

Our apps have won national product awards, been named “Best in Class” by the App Store, and sat in the top twenty - out of hundreds of thousands in their category - for years. They’ve earned feature placement by iTunes and on Apple TV’s Planet of the Apps and been named a “World-Changing Idea” by Fast Company. They’ve been praised on the pages of Oprah Magazine, the New York Times and Vogue; and, hopefully, made the world a little better. 


An intentionally small, tight-knit & longstanding team


To ensure that we can provide the personal, high-touch service our clients deserve, we take only a handful of projects each year. We are committed to creating work we’re proud of, every time. That means sweating every detail. Since we can’t do that at scale, we don’t.

At WLCM, we believe in:




Committing to our clients’ success.



High-end experiences for everyone.



Products and missions that invite people into a bigger story.


Choosing a design and development team for your product is a decision that will have a meaningful impact on your brand, client experience, and bottom line.


The design needs to be easy-to-use, beautiful, and on-message; the code needs to be fast and smooth; and you need to be in the hands of an experienced team you trust. 

Hiring the wrong team is not an insignificant risk. I know because I’ve been there. 

Over a decade ago, as a young entrepreneur with a big vision, I hired a development firm from New York to bring my app idea to life. They didn’t deliver. I lost nine months and tens of thousands of dollars — and earned a bruised reputation with my investors and clients. I then worked with developers in Boston and San Francisco and eventually ended up with a solidly mediocre product, delivered over a year late.

I vowed I would never work in tech again. The time, expense and difficulty of finding technical partners who I trusted — and who cared about my mission and its success as much as I did — felt impossible. 

Eventually, that impossibility is what compelled me to jump back in. 

I apprenticed with a UX designer from MIT and over time built a close-knit team of talented and committed creators from all over the world. We now have offices in two hemispheres and one in the cloud. At the request of other entrepreneurs in my network at the time, I built the app studio I’d needed in 2009 — for them. And you.



Lindsey Witmer Collins, Founder


Our Team

Lindsey Witmer Collins
Software Architect

Firas Moussa
Senior Developer, React Native

Jihad Kahil
Software Engineer, Android

Alex Andryschenko
Senior Full Stack Developer

Bohdan Dundun
Full Stack Developer

Lilia Rudenko
Backend Developer

Max Krivenko
Markup Specialist

Volodymyr Kurpita
Full Stack Developer

Abdulrahman Okol
Project Manager

Frolov Artem
Senior Developer, iOS

Lina Pischenko
Developer, iOS

Tanya Trukhina
Markup Specialist

Lilia Solovey
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

Oleksandr Blyui
Junior Quality Assurance Engineer

Bai-Leigh Chapman
Product Support


App Marketing Partners

Cary Fortin
Web Design & Copywriting,

Amy Vanharen
Digital and Social Marketing,

Kayla Floyd

Graphic Design Partners

Joana Galvao

Lisa Engler


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