LWC App Studio is a full-service mobile app studio based in San Francisco, CA and Tripoli, Lebanon. We are active product partners at pumpspotting, the social network for breastfeeding moms; and Fayr, the app to help parents do divorce differently.

Over the past 8 years and nearly 100 mobile apps, we've worked with international best-selling authors, major state health systems, Silicon Valley startups and European medical device companies. Our apps have launched at #1 in their category, been featured by iTunes and on Apple's Planet of the Apps; been praised on the pages of Oprah Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, and Vogue; and, hopefully, made the world a better place.

We are a small, tight-knit and long-standing team. We are committed to a positive and collaborative work environment.

The Role

This person is integral to ensuring the quality of our products and the happiness of our clients. Strong programming skills and a commitment to quality and timeliness are integral to this role.

Our tools

We work and collaborate with the following online tools. Familiarity with these tools is ideal but not required. They're easy to learn.

  • Trello for managing workflows

  • Slack for internal communication

  • Toggl for time tracking

  • Bitbucket for code backup

You will want to have some basic familiarity with scrum and agile development.


Product development

This job is focused on quality programming, good organizational skills, and the ability to set and meet deadlines.

You would be managing your own deadlines in collaboration with the team, and building high-quality products. This involves:

  • Being able to break down big projects into smaller, discrete steps

  • Setting reasonable deadlines and meeting those deadlines

  • Coding segment tests to automate testing where possible

  • Running manual QA on your projects to ensure minimal or no errors before deploying builds

As an international team, tracking your work online is important. On a daily basis, you would:

  • Open Trello to review your priorities for the day and upcoming deadlines

  • Build checklists for your work on Trello and check boxes as you progress

  • Track your time on each task using Toggl

  • Back up your code on Bitbucket

  • Be available to communicate with international team members on Slack in English

This is a fulfilling role for someone who:

  • Enjoys learning new code languages and programming skills as needed

  • Is excited by creating products that get high usage and are deployed at high stakes

  • Is excited by creating products that get elite press visibility in the US and beyond

  • Is naturally organized and self-motivated

  • Is willing to fix urgent errors in live builds when needed

  • Enjoys solving problems when the answer is not obvious



We are looking for programmers with at least 2 years experiencing working in a company setting, or equivalent experience programming independently. We prefer candidates who have created and deployed full products that get a high volume of use.

We are looking for proficient developers of:

  • Native iOS applications (Swift)

  • Native Android applications

  • and/or Titanium applications

If you have less experience than the above, but are a highly skilled and enthusiastic developer, committed to quality, and motivated to learn, please apply.


This is a full-time position, M-F in downtown Tripoli, Lebanon. We are looking for the right fit and are open to negotiating pay when we find you. It's important that you are a fast learner, technically competent, and confident and experienced with programming. 

Please submit your CV and a cover letter to lindsey@lwcappstudio.com.