pumpspotting Wins Big With Apple and iTunes


This morning we got an email from iTunes we weren’t expecting.

In an article they’re publishing in App Store Stories today, Apple and iTunes named pumpspottting “best in class”, and among the top five apps for motherhood.

As a mother-to-be and as an entrepreneur who is passionate about innovation by and for women, I couldn’t be more excited about this well-deserved accolade for pumpspotting.

This unique company is much more than an app. It is a community-driven breastfeeding and digital health platform that continually asks, “What can we do to best support and serve women postpartum?” 

Whether that’s driving the 40-foot Breast Express “pumpsuite-on-wheels” across the country and checking in on moms or designing “work, nurse, flourish” corporate lactation programs, pumpspotting is all about making breastfeeding and postpartum less isolating and more supportive at every stage in the journey.

Kudos to CEO and Founder Amy VanHaren and the dynamic team at pumpspotting. We are so proud to be partners in your mission of supporting moms.