Fast Company Magazine Honors Pumpspotting’s “World-Changing Idea”


If you’ve stepped foot on pumpspotting’s 40-foot nursing and pump suite, then you know she’s more than an RV. Lovingly called Barb, the Breast Express is a hub for connection and community-building, a nurturing haven for breastfeeding moms, and the real-life embodiment of the pumpspotting app. 

And now she’s also one of Fast Company’s “World-Changing Ideas.” 

This week Fast Company magazine named pumpspotting’s Breast Express as a runner-up in the creativity category of its World-Changing Ideas Awards. The competition looked at nearly 2,000 different innovative businesses across 17 categories, and pumpspotting was one of only a handful to receive this honor in its category.

Winning this award feels incredibly special. Creativity is what has characterized pumpspotting from the beginning, and the collaboration between founder Amy VanHaren and I has been all about the energy of innovation.

The idea for the Breast Express was born in between a lot of laughter and the pervasive question of “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” No idea was too crazy or too impractical, and seeing that glimmer of a concept translate into the big blue bus now traveling the country and supporting moms is intensely gratifying. 

The broader mission for pumpspotting has always been to support and show up for moms, and with the Breast Express we’ve been able to extend that mission beyond the technology of the app into the real world. And that’s the kind of creativity and innovation we love being a part of.