Daily Message App 

A knowledge-sharing tool for subject-matter experts

This is the app that began the entire enterprise. Originally designed for my friends, and now expanded to the friends I hadn’t met yet, this app is perfect for subject matter experts who want to widen their circle of influence, establish themselves as an expert in their field, and turn passersby into quality leads. From $1,497. All the details.

Quiz App

The ultimate list-building tool for online entrepreneurs

Are you as healthy as you think you are?
Is that extra weight the fault of hormones?
Are you a money magnet or could your manifestation skills use a tune-up?

This app allows you to create a quiz to help users answer a compelling question and then deliver the daily know-how that will get them closer to where they want to be. From $2,497.  Call for details.


Recipe App

A cooking and grocery-planning app for recipe authors

I designed this app with health and wellness entrepreneurs and recipe bloggers in mind, inspired by one consistent piece of feedback we got from the health-related daily message apps: “I wish there were more recipes.” Now your followers and clients can have as many healthy recipes as they can handle and create grocery lists with one tap. From $2,497. Browse the specs.


App Upgrades

These additional features were designed to make your recipe or daily message app more amazing. Pick and choose which features you’d like and we’ll add them to your code. The upgrade catalogue.

App Design

Your app’s graphic design is one of the most important determinants of its download rate. While great design is not within my skillset, I’m proud to pass this baton to two talented designers who I’ve loved working with over the past few years. App design by Sandra and Laura.

Done-For-You App Content

Some of us are busy, and some of us just aren’t writer-types. This is a little shop where you can buy content others have written and publish it in your app as your own. Either use this content as-is or tweak it to suit your voice. Visit the content shop.


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