Alisa Vitti was looking for a way to make the information in her book, WomanCode, more easily applicable to real life. As readers of her book — one of the top 50 best selling women’s health books of all time — we were immediately excited by the chance to broaden the reach of Alisa’s message. 

We created a calendar that tracks all four phases of a woman’s cycle so that it flows from month to month in one continuous scroll. We presented information on the neuro-hormonal signature unique to her current phase alongside information on what she’ll be best at during that phase and what kinds of activities she might want to avoid — from her work to her social life to exercise. We also created a symptom tracker that empowered our users with information on how to fix their symptoms using functional nutrition. MyFLO was the first period tracker to connect partners with cycle information and with Alisa’s advice on how to love your woman best in her current phase.

Alisa’s belief is that, if we sync with our cycles, we can escape our symptoms and start to utilize our cycles as a source of power. 

We are in the process of building a new version of MyFLO to take these features a few steps further and to take cycle analysis to a place its never been seen. Launching alongside Alisa’s next book in early 2020 for both iOS and Android.



MyFLO is the #1 paid period tracker on iTunes and has been in the top 20 Health and Fitness apps since its release in 2016. It was recognized by the Women’s Health FemTech Awards as one of the top 4 period trackers.


Lindsey Witmer Collins