Wake up, breastfeed, podcast, run, feed baby, feed self, hand off baby, shower, sit at desk. Gmail, Slack, Trello, Zoom, Sketch, Gmail, Dropbox Paper, Sketch, Frozen Vegan Burrito, Dropbox, Gmail, Slack, Sketch, Sketch Cloud, Gmail. Receive baby, feed baby, bathe baby, breastfeed baby, sing to baby. Eat dinner with husband, re-cap. Brush teeth (two minutes!), wash face, take supplements, look at pictures of baby, talk about baby, journal, read, sleep.

I would say that having a daily rhythm was forced on me by motherhood, that my life was more spontaneous before, etc.. But it never was. And it doesn’t matter in what city I live. I make my house as nice as I can, and I spend most of my time there. (I have a theory that introverts have nicer houses; extroverts don’t spend enough time at home for it to matter. Let me know what the evidence in your life says.)

I’m a person of rhythms and rituals. It works for me until it doesn’t, because I make a living by being creative. We all do.

Interesting stories, people, and sometimes, music videos, breathe new life into me.

Maybe you’re jumping out of airplanes and scuba diving and sailing the southern seas. In that case, you probably don’t need my newsletter. If you’re like me and live a life with loops, however, you do.

We live in a fascinating world, and if we stay in our loops, we can miss it. 

Interesting is a loop interruption, delivered on a Friday, in the late-afternoon, when you’re ready for the weekend but feel obliged to look at your computer until five. Issues have covered bird intelligence, dinosaur extinction, a nun’s radical views on virginity, and dancing with invisible hoola hoops.


Break the Loops